Industries Served

General Metals

Powder coatings are a high quality finish found on thousands of metal products found in everyday life. Powder coating provides a durable finish to roughest and toughest machinery, medical and household items consumers use on a daily basis.

Powder coated products provide great resistant to impact, chemicals, UV, moisture, and various climate conditions. This all leads to a tough finish that is resistant to chipping, scratching, and fading.

Empty lime green industrial shelving unit


The furniture industry demands powder coatings in a variety of colors and finishes.  APC offers a complete of hybrid coatings for indoor office furniture to UV resistant coatings like polyesters for patio furniture.

Popular colors in both indoor and outdoor furniture include: bonded metallic, multi-component coatings, and a variety of textures including wrinkles, sand paper, and hammertones.

Metal boardroom table with 9 red chairs

Custom Coater

APC serves as the leading supplier to the custom coater market with a one week turnaround on any custom color with flexible batch sizes starting at 55 lbs and higher. 

In fact, APC originated as a custom powder paint manufacturer in 1992, efficiently fulfilling independent custom coaters demand for a quick turnaround ( 1week) for a specific powder coating that was not available in any powder producer’s stock list.

Multicolored plastic outdoor playground


APC offers a wide choice of powder coatings pertaining to the automotive industry.  Epoxy powders are the preferred choice for under hood car parts to engine components.  Epoxy powders provide excellent chemical and corrosion protection. 

High gloss and high flow polyester/TGIC and polyester/Urethanes are recommended for exterior trim and wheels due to the coatings ability to withstand UV.  By employing APC’s zinc rich primer and a super-durable clear top coat to the base color, corrosion protection and gloss retention properties can b tremendously improved.

black and red automobile rim


This category includes applications to window frames, railings, light poles, and various indoor and outdoor building components.

APC has products that comply to AAMA 2603 and 2604 specifications. Powder paints are available in a variety of colors and finishes.  Low cure technology is also available.

Large metal and glass architectural structure

Agriculture & Construction

To accommodate the elements of nature, APC provides a full line of coatings for agricultural and heavy equipment for superb UV durability and corrosion protection.  APC is a key supplier to OEMs that produce lawn mowers, trailers, fencing, railing, utility cabinets, and planting and harvesting equipment.  Specific formulations are available in polyester/TGIC, HAA, and polyester/urethanes that will provide corrosion resistance and    gloss/color retention to meet the functional requirements for long-term protection in various atmospheric conditions.

Large piece of agriculture equipment in a field