Technical Support

APC offers top-notch service from its friendly and knowledgeable customer service team at the manufacturing facility to its highly trained sales staff in the field.

Exceptional Customer Service

APC builds solid customer relations by its sales force routinely staying in contact with each of its customers.  This is accomplished by routine sales phone calls to regular personnel visits at the customer’s facility to answer any questions the customer may have.

During sales visits, APC personnel will offer complete line audits allowing customers to fully understand their coating operation and provide corrective action plans to help improve overall coating efficiency.  Line audits will include advice on proper racking of parts, pretreatment, ground check, gun set-up for efficient powder application, and curing analysis with a data-paq.  Also, chemical properties (MEK test), physical properties (Impact test), adhesion (Cross-Hatch Test), gloss reading, and film thickness will be checked to ensure that the powder coating meets all of the customer’s requirements.

Technical Seminars Available

In addition, technical seminars on powder coatings can be given at the customer’s facility to help educate each customer’s staff about various powder coating chemistries available. A complete analysis of the raw materials used in the powder coating formula is provided.  This discussion involves types and properties of resins, curing agents, additives, pigments, and fillers that are available in the industry.  Customers will also be educated on the manufacturing process of the powder coating.